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Suzanne O Leary

Suzanne O Leary

Director at O’Leary Travel Agency Ltd

Suzanne OLearyI work with my husband in our family business O’Leary Travel. As owners, we are both involved in all aspects of the company. My main role is team building. It takes a long time and a lot of experience for someone to be a Senior Travel Consultant and we are very lucky to have an amazing team of very experienced and well travelled staff.

It is my job to support them, to ensure they have a good work/life balance, they are motivated, and get ongoing opportunity for training, personal development and travel. If I do my job well, they will have long and fulfilling careers with O’Leary Travel and our company won’t lose our most valuable asset – our staff.

As with all small businesses the owners have to do be hands on. Liam manages the day to day selling function and I look after the business and finance side of the business – that means I pick up everything else: HR, PRO, CFO, R&D etc.

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