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Liam O Leary

Liam O Leary

Liam O’Leary – Director at O’ Leary Travel

Liam O'Leary

I have grown up with travel and from a young age had a keen interest in every aspect of the business. When I left school I went to work with an agency in Dublin to ‘cut my teeth’ so to speak before returning to Enniscorthy.

In my three decades in travel my passion for the industry has not faltered. I love to travel, to experience different ways of living and different cultures. I love to see the main sights and also to get off the beaten track and meet the locals. Travel is also a great way of connecting with people, both those I travel with and those I meet along the way – this is very special. From time to time, I like to challenge myself and do something scary!! I love cities and have been lucky to visit many across the globe. Sometimes, I just want some sun, fun and good food and enjoy an R&R break.

In my own travels I have been to all of the continents, I have cruised oceans and rivers and had some amazing experiences; the big 5 in Africa, heliciopter rides over the Niagara Falls and Grand Canyon, climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge and Dunns River Falls, swimming in the Dead Sea. I have been to the top of the Hoover Dam, Empire State Building and Cape Regina to see two oceans collide. I have visited the lost city of Petra and Pompeii, the salt mines in Krakow, Austwich Death Camp, visited the Western (wailing) Wall, the list goes on – and this is all part of my job!!!

Group travel is very specialised and this is an area I love. When travelling as Tour Manager with groups, you have a great opportunity to get to know new people and ensure they get the most out of their trip.

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