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Surviving Your Long Haul Flight

Surviving Your Long Haul Flight

Long Haul Travel Tips

Our tips and tricks to surviving your long haul flight:

  1. Plan your route carefully – consider duration of layovers and if planning a long layover, be sure the cost savings are worth it. Also make sure to give yourself enough time to catch connecting flight – the last thing you want is to miss your connection or get off one flight in a panic and have to make a mad dash for your connecting flight.
  2. Hydrate – reduce caffeine drinks and increase the amount of water you drink for 24 hours before travel. Also bring a refillable water bottle with you – the airline will be happy to keep it topped up.
  3. Clothing – flying is so much easier when you are in comfy clothes and shoes. Wear durable colours, you might experience a little turbulence resulting in spillage onto your clothes. Bring an extra layer like a hoodie or jumper because it can get cold when you are 30,000 feet in the air. Airlines will usually have light blankets for you but having that extra layer of warmth can save you!
  4. Switch time zone – as soon as you arrive in the airport, switch your watch and your brain to the local time at your destination.
  5. Rest – mostly long haul aircrafts are bigger and you will have better legroom than on a European low cost carrier. Many airlines will give you a pillow, earbuds & eye mask to help you rest. They will also darken down the plane. Try to sleep at the correct times for your destination to get your mind and body ‘in the zone’.
  6. Entertainment – most airlines will have on board entertainment but if that’s not for you then you don’t want to be stuck with nothing to do when you are confined to a small space. Bring a book, a pack of cards, download a movie, etc. Longhaul airlines usually have usb ports on-board but it is a good idea to make sure your electronics are fully charged and have back up battery packs just in case.
  7. Pack smart – you will most likely check through your main luggage to avoid carrying a heavy bag around. However, always have a change of clothes in your carry-on luggage in case your baggage gets lost or delayed. Other handy things to have in your carry-on luggage are any essential medication, your toothbrush, deodorant, perfume, lip balm and moisturiser – just remember nothing over 100ml!
  8. When you arrive in your destination, unpack and then treat yourself to a full body massage to ease out the tension of the long haul flight and you will be ready to enjoy your holiday.


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