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Is now a good time to book for Easter / Summer 2021

Is now a good time to book for Easter / Summer 2021

With one way flights from €19.99 -is now the time to book for Easter/Summer 2021?

These are very cheap flights, in some cases less than 10% of the equivalent fare this time last year, however the big question is do they offer good value?
To weigh this up, you should consider the many reasons why you might need to
change your travel date including:

  • Will you travel against Government advice?
  • Will you travel if activities at destination are restricted by Covid regulations?
  • Will you travel if Covid rates at your destination are high?
  • Will you travel if you have not received a vaccine?
  • Can you quarantine for 14 days on return if health guidelines require this?
  • Can you get accommodation to match the flights? We have observed that many hotels are not taking bookings and those that are have high rates. In many cases a fully refundable rate is not on offer.
  • Are you prepared to be flexible about your accommodation and are you prepared to pay more if necessary, ie if your accommodation cancel your booking?
  • Will you travel without comprehensive insurance?

If your answer to any of these is NO, this may not be the right time for you to book.
The reality of ‘flexible’ terms and no change fees is the airline has your money and you are tied into their terms and conditions. If you need to change date you will not benefit from these sale prices – the fare difference will reflect the full market price for your new date and in many cases the difference is greater than you would have paid for those dates originally.
Bottom line – these sale prices are only good value if you can travel on the planned date.

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