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Airport Delays – Tips

Airport Delays – Tips

Avoid the stress of Airport Delays with these tips

Don’t let the airport dampen your holiday spirits – be prepared!!!

I am lucky enough to travel often and have learnt by experiences that sometimes things happen which affect your travel. For example delays happen all the time and for many reasons – but mostly due to technical or weather issues. When there is a delay – it has a knock on factor for the rest of that day and can lead to crowded airports & upset passengers. Lost baggage is also an unfortunate situation but it does happen. It’s nobody’s fault and stressing won’t help. I go back to my girl guide training and ‘Be Prepared’.

My advice is going with the flow and get through it as best you can. In addition to the short delays most of us have experience, the more you travel, the higher the odds are that you will have a bigger mishap – be prepared. Here are some of my grrrrr moments:
1) I was returning from holiday in Lanzarote with my family (4 children under 10) and we were denied boarding. An error had been made and the flight was overbooked. 50 passengers, including our family of 6 had to be diverted through the UK and spend an overnight there before eventually getting back to Dublin 24 hours later.
2) A short delay in Dublin airport meant I missed a connecting long-haul flight and an already massive journey was extended by 12 hours.
3) I was going to Madrid for a wedding weekend and my baggage didn’t arrive on the same plane as me. I had no luggage for 24hrs and had to rush out to buy new outfit for the wedding.

Even in the worst of situations, I find it helps to remember – this is no one’s fault, it just is. The staff are by and large doing their best and kindness and empathy goes a long way. What you can do to alleviate the pressures of travel delays:

  • Prepare for and expect delays. Then when they don’t happen it’s a happy bonus;
  • Always have something warm to put on if stuck in an airport overnight;
  • Make sure to have money to buy food/drinks (on a debit or credit card if going long-haul so you not stuck without local currency);
  • When travelling with babies/children bring drinks, food, nappies & other necessities in hand luggage. Also some books or toys to amuse.

You might ask – Suzanne, can my travel agent help? The truth is we cannot control airplane maintenance or the weather, sometimes we wish we could fly the planes but c’est la vie!

What we can do – keep any receipts and we can help you with claims for compensation from the airline if applicable or assist you with a claim against your travel insurance. If you have purchased travel insurance from us – you will be entitled to airport lounge access during an extended delay which will at least make the hanging around more bearable (don’t go mad at the bar, you may regret it later!!!)


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