View from Mandalay Bay Hotel

Las Vegas

We flew with Delta to Vegas.

They have some of the nicest staff I’ve experienced on board, you’re greeted with a smile & they’re very attentive, they’re very active on board, you’ll definitely never get thirsty! Leg room, on board meals etc I felt was good, they have a good selection of drinks & the plane food was as good as any other plane food I’ve had. The entertainment on board was very good, they had up to date movies & tv shows. The only disappointing part of our travel was that on our last leg home, JFK – DUB we had an older plane which has significantly less leg room compared to the newer planes. They always offered to take our hand luggage and put it in the hold which in my opinion was very convenient when doing connecting flights. After travelling for hours we finally arrived in Vegas & the views when landing are just amazing!

View when landing into McCrann Airport
View when landing into McCrann Airport

From the start the typical Vegas feeling is there, you’ll find slot machines everywhere around the airport. We got a coach transfer from the airport to our hotel which was around 8 dollars one way, there’s plenty of buses & taxis around so you don’t have to worry about getting out of the airport. You’re only about a 10 mins drive from the strip.

We stayed in the Excalibur & the hotel itself is perfect for everything you’d need in Vegas. It can look a bit run down & dark but it is medieval themed so in my opinion it adds to the theme. The bedrooms themselves are very spacious, the room is cleaned daily & the beds are very comfy!
There’s plenty to do in the hotel itself, there’s 3 outdoor pools one of them being an adult only pool, but it is 10 dollars to get into the adult only pool. There’s plenty of restaurants & shows in the hotel itself but we did eat out most of the time. The location is right at the start of the strip. In my opinion if you’re looking for something budget friendly, a place to rest your head & be in a good location, the Excalibur is perfect!

Each hotel you walk into in Vegas is like walking into a different world.  Each one being built in a completely different style & each hotel has a completely different theme, the New York New York Hotel obviously New York themed with the Statue of Liberty standing outside, the Flamingo hotel which is covered in Pink and has real flamingos in the hotel were some of my  favourites.

If you’re looking for a more modern hotel but staying within a reasonable price the MGM Grand would be perfect, it’s so built up and the illuminous green exterior outside it, I can only describe the feeling as feeling like an ant, I got dizzy looking up at the top of it!  The Eiffel tower, built as a replica of the Eiffel Tower in Paris has a viewing deck where you can get great views of the Bellagio Hotel & if you can catch it at the right time you’ll be able to see the fountain show outside it.

When we were there we met Vern, he stands at the top of the Eiffel Tower and when I tell you he knows everything about the hotels in Vegas, I mean everything. You name a hotel to him & he’ll rattle off lots of facts about that hotel.  He definitely makes the experience at the top of the tower. The casinos are great fun but be careful, there’s no clocks and they’re all very dark so you don’t notice the time going by so before you know it you’re into the early hours of the morning & are probably are losing a few dollars!

Night Flight Las Vegas

Before going we bought the All Inclusive Las Vegas Go Card which made everything so much easier! You can get 2 – 5 day cards & get unlimited access to a list of things. Prices start from 120.00 but if you do 3 or above days you also get a premium attraction added which can be a Grand Canyon Tour, a Cirque Du Soleil show, Richard Petty Driving Experience or a night flight over the strip. We chose to do the night flight which was a real highlight of our trip. Getting a birds eye view of the whole strip makes you see how amazing the place is! Some other activities we got to do with the card were Madame Tussauds, the High Roller Observation Wheel, Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck, Fly Linq Zipline, the Rollercoaster at NY,NY & the hop on hop off bus, which without the pass would have cost $50 for a day pass.

The bus itself is very handy because it’ll take you to different areas of Vegas while getting to hear facts etc about the place. Aswell as activities on the card you also get meal credits & an hour open bar so in my opinion its a great way to save some money!

Vegas is everything you’d expect it to be and more. When the lights come on at night it’s everything you see in the pictures. You’ll never be bored in Vegas, from tours/shopping to pool parties, entertaining shows & nightlife there’s something in Vegas for everyone & I’ve no doubt I will be back at some point!

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