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5 reasons why a Travel Agent is your best friend

5 reasons why a Travel Agent is your best friend

Pros of using a Travel Agency

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Service, Service, Service:
Like every service industry – we are not all the same. Choose your travel agent carefully. Are they offering the level of service and expertise you expect? If not, try another one. A good travel agent will offer before, during and after service. They are a one stop shop for all the travel products you need; flights, hotels, transfers, excursions, travel insurance, car hire etc. They will do all the administration on your booking, all you need to do is get packing.

Peace of Mind: You will know no matter what happens to disrupt your travel, you have a travel professional working for you. In 2018 there were pilot strikes, air traffic control strikes, severe weather events etc. No hassle or financial costs for our clients, we were there to look after them.

Expertise and Experience
Before the internet, access to information on destinations was limited and the travel agent was a great source of knowledge. There is no doubt that the internet has made research easy and the world smaller. However there is so much information available online, you can have information overload and how do you know if the source is reliable, how much time does it take to find the information you are looking for? A good travel agent is constantly upskilling on new products and destinations, they are also part of a large network of travel professionals. They can answer all your questions efficiently and they are a source you can trust.

Part of Distribution Chain:
Up until the noughties, the travel agent was an essential part of the distribution chain for travel services. With the advent of the internet and direct booking websites, the travel agent was no longer an essential part of distribution. We do however still offer value for money in the distribution chain – but not always. If there is only one airline on a point-to-point route, there is limited opportunity for the travel agent to add value other than administration and peace of mind. However, if you are travelling on a route with multiple access options and multiple airlines – the travel agent is the expert. They have technology systems which provide real time links to the inventory and rates for airlines, hotels and other travel segments worldwide.

As well as the hard facts on routes, timings, class of airfare, connections, prices etc, they give the soft data on what makes one airline or routing better or more efficient for you. They know the hidden extra value or cost of a particular product. A good travel agent’s expertise will make sure you get the best value for your spend and that’s not always the cheapest price.

Security: Irish law requires that all travel agents are bonded. That means your money is protected. When an airline or large bedbank goes bust people who have booked directly have no compensation. However, if you have booked with a travel agent you are protected.

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